The people of Bhutan are sports lovers. Bhutanese sports can be divided into traditional sports and modern sports.
Traditional sports
Traditional sports and games form an essential part of national culture. Traditional games and sports includes archery, degor somewhat like discus), pungdo (shotput), Khuru (dart), Soksum (javelin) and kheshi (wrestling) form an intregal part of Bhutanese life.
Archery is the national game and it is one of the competitive and favourite recreational sports for young and old alike. Traditional Bhutanese archery is a social event and competitions are held regularly between individual teams, organizations, villages and towns. The tournament begins with traditional ceremony of abundance known as Zhungdrel Phunsum Tshongpa and traditional breakfast. There is a plenty of food and drinks with singing and dancing.Archery is considered to be an art, mastered to attain physical dexterity, mental strength and highest spirit of competition.
Khuru is a dart game which is an equally popular game in our country. Like archery it is also played as a competition between regions, team and so on. Another popular traditional game is degor, a round flat stone tossed at a target and the winner is the one closest to the target. Pungdo, the Bhutanese version of shotput, played with heavy stone is also equally important during earlier times.
Modern Sports
Modern sports includes football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, golf, basketball and taekwondo are also currently encourage in our country. Cricket has gained popularity in recent years while football has always been popular. With increasing awareness of importance and benefits of sports and physical fitness, our country has been participating in various sports in some outdoor countries.


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